Police have given more information on why they are not taking any action over the death from coronavirus of a railway worker following an incident at a train station.

Belly Mujinga died last month after an incident at London’s Victoria Station.

British Transport Police interviewed a 57-year-old man but announced on Friday they were not taking any further action.

In a statement the police said there was no evidence of anyone spitting.

The statement said: “We understand that the tragic death of Belly Mujinga has shocked many people and that the outcome of our investigation has raised questions.

“We want to be clear on why we decided not to take any further action – based on key witness statements and having reviewed the CCTV footage, there is no evidence of anyone spitting in this incident.

“Senior detectives are confident that this incident did not lead to Belly Mujinga contracting Covid-19. This is because the man in the CCTV footage who detectives interviewed as part of the investigation had a negative antibody test result for Covid-19 in the time after the incident, therefore showing that he had never had the illness.

Belly Mujinga

“The man’s test did not relate to the BTP investigation – he was tested as part of his occupation and the test results were shared with us during the investigation

“Having reviewed all the evidence, senior detectives are satisfied that the incident didn’t lead to Belly Mujinga’s death.

“We have kept Belly’s family fully informed throughout the investigation and they will continue to be supported by specialist officers.

“Our thoughts remain with her family and we will continue to support them as they come to terms with the loss of their much-loved mother and wife.”

The husband of Belly Mujinga spoke of his sadness after police said her death from coronavirus was not linked to being spat at.

Lusamba Gode Katalay, said: “The police came and told me the CCTV does not prove anything.

“I do not know how strong I am to hear that. It is very sad for us.”

Asked whether he felt he would be able to get justice for his wife, Mr Katalay said: “I need to speak more with my family first.”