A woman living with obsessive compulsive disorder has described how the debilitating condition got worse during the coronavirus pandemic.

Catherine Nixon said she washes food more frequently, including the packaging. She worries other people aren't careful enough with their own hygiene.

"If it's in a packet I have to wash that packet before I eat it or drink it," she said.

Catherine has been living with OCD since the age of 7 and said few people understood how exhausting the condition could be.

"There's a stereotype that if you've got OCD it's a nice thing because it keeps you neat and tidy. But in reality it's not like that at all - it can be really disabling," she said.

Catherine often looks forward to going to bed because it's the only time she can "switch off".

The government's advice to control the spread of coronavirus was to wash hands regularly.

But for Catherine she has found it difficult to control how many times is enough.

"It's hard for someone with anxiety or OCD that has all these thoughts about hand washing anyway to be able to rationalise what's normal," she said.

Charity OCD Action said it had seen a rapid rise in demand for its services, increasing online support groups by 50%.

Despite her own suffering Catherine said by sharing what she's going through she hopes it can help someone struggling in silence.