Pupils are getting to grips with a new set of school rules today as some children returned to the classroom.

Year 1 pupils at Harris Academy Primary School in south London were given temperature checks at the school gates as lockdown measures were eased.

Parents told ITV News London they were confident the school had done enough to help keep children safe.

Children wash hands at a sanitiser station

I'm really confident because the school sent lots of emails about how they are sorting everything out. I'm really happy that everything is safe for my daughter to come back now. I think they've got it under control and they are letting everyone back in slowly and I think it's good for the children to go back now - they need to go back!

Marks on the floor to keep children two metres apart

The school has put a string of measures in place to help keep children safe. They include sanitiser stations, toilet restrictions and markers on the floor to keep pupils two metres apart.

Another parent said he was pleased to see schools reopening after balancing his own work with homeschooling.

"We've done what we can but we're aware it's nothing like what she gets from being at school", he added.

Parts of the school are out of bounds

Out of the 110 pupils expected to turn up today a total of 90 arrived for lessons at Harris Academy Primary School in Crystal Palace.

Ministers insist the time is right to ease the lockdown because the government has met its tests to do so and the rate of infection, or R value, has been consistently below one.

Some primary school children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 in England returned to class as the government and education unions continue to fight over whether it is safe to do so.

Research suggested some parents were reluctant to send their children back. A survey by the National Foundation for Educational Research of more than 1,200 school leaders found headteachers were expecting 46% of families to keep pupils at home.

While many schools have reopened, parents do not have to send their children to school if they do not wish to.