Six people have been arrested following a brawl involving hundreds of youths on London’s Hampsted Heath.

Three van loads of police officers were sent to the park at around 6.30pm on Tuesday to disperse the crowd.

A dispersal order is now in place for the heath and nearby Parliament Hill, the Met Police said, and the public have been told to stay away.

Jonathan Jones, who had been at the heath with his partner for exercise, estimated there were at least 50 officers at the scene.

On the way into the park, we heard and saw police car after police car and police vans streaming by. We then got to the park entrance and three vans rolled in and there were a lot of police officers.

Jonathan Jones

Mr Jones said it wasn’t clear what had sparked the brawl but he saw two young girls being led away in handcuffs.

It looked as if the police were trying to break up a fight, and then at some point, it looks like someone was trying to go for one of the officers. More police came really quickly, and they broke everything up, and then ordered everyone to leave the park.

Jonathan Jones