A woman who joined the Take the Knee protest in Brixton on Wednesday spoke emotionally about how older black people had "been feeling the pain" of racism every day.

The protestor, called Jennifer, was born in Brixton in the 1950s and described her experience of living in south London.

Old black people have been feeling this pain every day that they wake up. They carry it around like a cloak. We have carried this pain for so long. It has broken us and we can't let this happen to our children. It has to stop!

Jennifer, protester

Jennifer said she worried constantly about her own family and frequently prayed for them.

I have grandsons and every night I have to pray for my grandsons because I do not know what could happen to them. And I'm only finding out now things that have happened to my son because he didn't want to tell me - that is terrible!

Jennifer, protester

An online fundraiser for the UK chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement had reached more than £270,000 on Thursday morning, with the funds going to "support black life against institutional racism".

An online-only rally is due to take place this Sunday, campaign group Stand Up to Racism said, with speakers to discuss "how we turn the new wave of anger over racism and injustice into an effective movement for change".