Britain's youngest Covid-19 survivor baby Emmanuel fighting fit after a battle he nearly didn't survive

Baby Emmanuel who was born three weeks early

Britain's youngest Covid-19 survivor is fighting fit after a 47 day battle with the virus he nearly didn't survive.

Baby Emmanuel, from Peckham in south London, was born three months early and spent his first weeks in intensive care.

Just days after being allowed home with his parents he fell ill again with sepsis and coronavirus.

At first his mother said she feared the worst. "Coronavirus for such a tiny baby, I lost hope. I didn't sleep, I would just be upset with myself crying and crying," said Evelyn Ntiamoa.

Baby Emmanuel being treated in hospital Credit: Family photo

Doctors feared Emmanuel may be too weak to fight the Covid-19 infection so used a drug still being trialed called Remdesivir - more commonly used to treat patients with ebola.

After a couple of weeks the experimental treatment started to work and the miracle baby showed signs of recovery.

Emmanuel was finally allowed home on May 8, the same day he was due to be born - leaving his mum overjoyed.

"How he is now, you wouldn't believe [what he went through]. I just watched his face for a few moments before I gave hime a cuddle," said Evelyn.

Now at home with his family in Peckham it's hard to believe how close coronavirus came to taking Emmanuel's life.