Woke Babies: Inclusive stories with diverse characters and the message 'every child matters'

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A thriving business which publishes books with diverse characters has seen a huge rise in subscribers in less than a year.

Woke Babies creates inclusive stories so children can see their own world reflected in a positive light.

The books were the idea of Brixton-based Kelly-Jade Nicholls who self published her first children's book three years ago.

She realised how unusual it was for mainstream stories and fairy tales to feature black characters.

Since it first launched Woke Babies has built up a following of 600 subscribers.

"We were struggling to find books that showed our children images that reflect how they look," said mother Jamilla Evans.

"This made it easier - they're delivered to your door. We don't need to trawl around bookshops or use numerous online stores. They come with activities as well so it keeps them busy over the weekend," she added.

And perhaps the most powerful message of Woke Babies is that every child matters.

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