What are we waiting for? Le Caprice and The Ivy owner urges government to relax two metre rule to give country a chance

The owner of celebrity restaurants Le Caprice and The Ivy has begged the government to relax the two metre rule to "give the country a chance".

Richard Caring spelt out the damage being done by the current rule adding "it just doesn't work".

"We've already made some redundancies but this is going to mount and mount," he added.

Le Caprice was famously Princess Diana’s favourite London restaurant but is shutting its doors for good after 38 years of business.

Mr Caring said the government had to act now to limit the damage being done to business.

"We have no idea whether the social distancing will be one-and-a-half metres or two. We don't know the details of the rules we require. We don't know what PPE we need," he told ITV News London.

Richard Caring said changing social distancing rules to one-and-a-half metres would make a big difference.

Caring's restaurant empire, which includes Bill's, The Ivy and Sexy Fish is investing in new equipment to help keep customers safe.

It includes special camera equipment to takes people's temperatures as they walk through the door, along with filters on the air conditioning, similar to airlines.