Berkshire teacher born without forearm gets life-changing bionic 'hero arm'

Vikki Smith, 25, from Berkshire, who was born without a right forearm

A teacher born without a right forearm has been given an advanced bionic “hero arm”, which she said has “changed her life forever”.

Vikki Smith, 25, from Berkshire, whose students now describe her as a “super teacher”, had previously found it challenging with only one functioning arm to juggle carrying pens, books and worksheets while trying to help children.

She had her arm funded by the Worshipful Company of Glovers of London, who donate prosthetic hands and arms to people unable to get help from the NHS or through other means.

Vikki Smith
Vikki Smith

She is now able to use her bionic arm to cook, eat and drink and carry objects in the classroom. > She said it will allow her to demonstrate how people can overcome challenges in life and ensure that the children under her care can understand the importance of inclusivity.

The arm is one of several hero arms manufactured by Open Bionics.

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