Your London Weather Team

Sally Williams

Weather Presenter - Sally Williams Credit: ITV Weather

Sally has been broadcasting since 1988 when she got her first blank cassette and a microphone aged 7. 

She’s been with ITV since 2005 working as a journalist first in the Anglia region before moving to ITV London in 2009. 

Daughter to weather obsessed parents a move into the world of weather felt rather inevitable for Sally who was trained in 2019 and “absolutely loves” her job. She’s also a mad gardener and the two go hand in hand. 

When she’s not in work you’ll hear her before you see her - trying to referee their 3 young kids.

And when Sally gets the odd five minutes she’ll be down the allotment, gardening, singing or preparing a G&T…

Follow Sally on Twitter: @SallyWeather