Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas: The million member Facebook group helping inspire the world

If you’ve found yourself trawling through Facebook looking for something to do with the family in lockdown, chances are you have come across the group 'Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas'.

It was set up on Friday 13th March by History teacher and Mum Claire Balkind from her home in North London - initially as a place to share ideas with friends and other teachers - as the UK teetered on the edge of lockdown.

Within three weeks, it had attracted over a million members from 120 countries. Claire, who has two daughters aged 2 and 5, leads a small team who now moderate the group which, at its peak, was getting over 30,000 posts a day.

Turning a popular board game into a maths challenge Credit: Facebook

She is also still looking after her history students, and has put together a book of family tips and ideas which is on sale to raise money for children’s charity, Barnados.

With all this to juggle, it’s not surprising that her work on the Facebook group has been recognised by the Prime Minister, who has named her as a “Point of Light” - an award given out by Boris Johnson every week day to a volunteer who is making a change in the community.

The Facebook page not only showcases craft, baking, DIY and educational tips, but has also become a springboard for anyone asking for help, which is the part Claire is most proud of.

Even as lockdown eases, the group will continue as a unique community offering ideas, support and inspiration.

That’s one side effect of Coronavirus I, for one, am more than happy to live with.