Community gardening project delivers hand-picked flowers to hospices and care homes

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Since the beginning of lockdown a lot of people have been busy in their gardens.

Nicola Bird from Chobham in Surrey is one of them. But as soon as her flowers start blooming ,she cuts them down and gives them to other people as gifts.

The impact of the coronavirus has made her all the more determined to grow flowers to give away.

Samantha Trip from the Floral Project creates little poses to give to the elderly in her community.

She uses them to make poses for elderly people in her neighbourhood. She's also set up the floral project - a network of like-minded people who want to grow flowers for their local communities.

Those involved in floral project have donated their flowers to schools, care homes and key workers.

The Floral Project have joined up with Woking Age Concern to deliver flowers to the elderly.

They have also linked up with Woking Age Concern who have been making some very special deliveries, including a visit for June Coles.

June Coles was delighted to find a surprise bunch of flowers on her doorstep.

June was delighted to find flowers on her doorstep.

June received her flowers a day after her birthday. Floral Project are also delivering flowers to care homes and to key workers.