The Drive-In Club: Dom Joly kicks off socially distanced car park comedy at Brent Cross

Dom Joly at Drive-In comedy at Brent Cross (ITV NEWS IMAGE)
Dom Joly at The Drive-In Club at Brent Cross Credit: ITV News

Live comedy has returned but not quite as you know it. Think of Drive-Ins and may find yourself transported back to 1950s America but it could be the answer to getting live entertainment back in our lives in 2020.

At a windy car park in North London comedian Dom Joly was the self-declared guinea pig to try out performing live in front of an audience sitting in dozens of cars. 

It's part of The Drive-In Club at Brent Cross, normally a place for retail therapy, but now somewhere for light relief. 

Over the summer, the venue will not only host comedians including Omid Djalili and Jason Manford, but will also offer live family shows, DJ sets and movie screenings.

Later this month, the red carpet will even be rolled out for the premiere of the film 'Break', starring Terri Dwyer and the late Hollywood actor Rutger Hauer.

The Drive-In Club at Brent Cross Credit: ITV News

It didn't all go smoothly however for the opening comedy show. Dom Joly had to pause his set when the sound failed to work on his 'extreme powerpoint', as part of his show 'Holiday Snaps.'

The cars honked their approval though when he returned to the stage ten minutes later, once the technical glitches were ironed out.

Every car is given a designated area where drivers and their passengers are able to get out, if they choose, to watch the shows, as long as they stay within their designated bay to maintain social distancing guidelines.

An FM frequency is provided to listen to the entertainment through the car radio, and food and drink can be ordered via a dedicated web link, and delivered direct to the car.

In a time when the live events industry is struggling to re-open, it is a welcome return to work for not only the performers, but also to all the backstage crew and catering staff. 

Ahead of his shows at Brent Cross from 23rd-25th July comedian Omid Djalili said:

The Drive-In Club is just one events company across the country using drive-ins to get the industry up and running again. While live theatre and music shows are on hold, there are few other options.

Tap below to watch Faye's interview with Omid in full