Blind six-year-old Betsy Griffin becomes YouTube star with positive videos

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You can’t watch Betsy Griffin without a smile creeping onto you face. The 6-year-old from Chorleywood in Hertfordshire is spreading messages of inspiration and positivity through her YouTube channel, which she persuaded her parents to help her set up during lockdown.“Betsy’s Positive Videos“ is exactly as it's described in the title, and the bubbly schoolgirl takes us through inspiring songs, jolly exercises, healthy diet tips and even meditation.

If the world feels positive then the world is positive. This is the perfect time to start a positive YouTube channel because people are feeling negative about this lockdown, even though it's getting a little better.

Betsy Griffin

As well as being a natural in front of the camera, what makes Betsy especially remarkable is the fact she is almost completely blind.

At the age of two and a half she was diagnosed with a non-cancerous brain tumour. It was deemed too risky to remove and has damaged Betsy’s optic nerves. 

Amazingly, she has since taken part in a drugs trial which has shrunk the tumour down from the size of a golf ball to smaller than Betsy's little finger nail.

Betsy Griffin performing on her YouTube channel Credit: YouTube

“Betsy’s Positive Videos” YouTube channel has already got almost 2,500 subscribers in the short time it's been running.

Any money she raises through the videos will go towards her favourite children’s charities.