WWII veteran has 100th birthday cake made by same company as wedding cake

Friends and family helped buy the ingredients for Christians wedding cake Credit: Christian Lamb

Christian Lamb, a former WW2 Women’s Royal Naval veteran who worked on D-Day maps at Churchill’s Secret Offices has celebrated her 100th birthday with a very special cake.

Christian started her military career in 1939 when she joined the Women’s Royal Naval Service. She was soon promoted to the rank of Officer and was in London throughout the heavy blitz of 1940 to 41.

Whilst working, she was made the 'officer in charge of plotting' in a watch room for the Battle of the Atlantic, it was during this posting she met her husband Lt. Commander John Lamb DSC.  After a short romance lasting 10 days, the pair were engaged.

Christian married her husband Lt. Commander John Lamb DSC in 1943 Credit: Christian Lamb

They couple married in 1943 and the wedding was a typical wartime affair with friends and family supplying the fruit from their ration supplies for Searcy’s catering company to use in the wedding cake.

Christian celebrated her 100th birthday at home with family Credit: Christian Lamb

Searcy’s were told that Christian was due to celebrate her 100th birthday and decided to get involved to make a second cake for her 77 years after their first. The veteran spent her big day enjoying a tea party with friends and family.