Dedicated hospital chef celebrates 50 years with the NHS

Tap above to watch video report by Rachael Brown

Who could have guessed that after travelling from Portugal to the UK at the age of just 18, Louisa Batista would spend the next 50 years working for the NHS?

Certainly not the woman herself. Louisa started out as a housekeeper at St Thomas’ hospital where patients made sure she quickly learnt two very important words in English: ‘tea’ and ‘coffee’.

A few years later she moved across to the hospital kitchen, that’s where she discovered a love of the job she’s done ever since.

Louisa started working in the hospital kitchen at 18-years-old.

Louisa may be 68 but she has never taken a sick day off work, and with no plans to retire soon she’ll be cooking up a storm in the kitchens of St Thomas' for the foreseeable.