London heatwave: Temperatures reach 37°C at Kew and Heathrow

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Temperatures in London have reached 37.8°C at Heathrow airport, with Kew gardens not far behind at 37°C. The temperature at Heathrow is the third hottest on record in the UK. It's a fact that bucks the trend as this month on average temperatures have been well below what they normally are for July.

Britain as a whole surpassed 100% of its average monthly rainfall and only experienced two thirds (66%) of the expected sunshine for an average July, a total of 113.4 hours, data from the Met shows. The scorching weather is not expected to last into the weekend so many Londoners have taken the opportunity to make the most of the day.

Hillingdon Lido welcomed swimmers keen to take a dip in the cool water

News of the hot weather was a welcome relief to staff and visitors at Hillingdon lido after months of the pool being shut due to lockdown. The water is 19°C degrees most of the time and isn't heated, rising to 22°C on very hot days.

It's not just humans, at London Zoo the animals were keeping cool with big blocks of ice.