'Barefoot Soldier' Chris Brannigan completes epic 35-day, 700 mile fundraiser

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Every step on the tarmac for Major Chris Brannigan during his 700 mile challenge from Land's End to Edinburgh was a step closer to helping the little girl his mission was all about.

The father-of-three from Surrey walked barefoot across the country for 35 days, carrying 25 kilos of kit, all for his 8 year old daughter Hasti, who was born with a rare genetic disease called Cornelia de Lange syndrome. "It's a difficult place to walk. It's covered in stones and broken bits of stuff that people throw out of their cars. Every time I'm walking I think about holding Hasti's hand because she's just not going to get better. No one's going to provide a treatment for her unless we can raise the money and create the treatment ourselves," he said.

Hasti's condition affects her growth and development and currently there is no cure. However, if she can have gene therapy, there is hope for her future.

Chris Brannigan with his daughter Hasti

Chris began his fundraising journey on July the 6th from Land's End, marching through rain and heat, and even having a brief stop at A&E for treatment to his feet.

Support along his route across England and Scotland, including from fellow soldiers, kept his spirits high, along with regular messages from his daughter, who promised to massage his feet once he's back home in West Byfleet, Surrey. 

Chris took his final steps of the challenge in the knowledge he's raised over half a million pounds for the treatment needed to help Hasti and other children like her. 

The reunion with his daughter at the gates of Edinburgh Castle, along with his wife and two sons, was the perfect finish to an epic journey.

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