Met officer dragged 600ft by car at high speed recalls horrifying moment as figures reveal rise in police assaults

This video contains distressing images

A Met Police officer has recalled the horrifying moment he was dragged 600ft by a car at high speed in south London.

Pc Nick Morley and two other colleagues stopped the Mercedes in Thornton Heath after it "flew down the road" at high speed.

After briefly stopping, the driver got back in the car and sped off taking Pc Morley with him as he tried to grab the handbrake.

Police Tasered the driver after the car stopped but it didn't work and the driver took off for a second time with the door open, leaving Pc Morley with no other option but to jump.

Pc Nick Morley Credit: Channel 5

Pc Morley's story from 2018 features on Channel 5 at 9pm in the new series of 'Police Code Zero: Officer Under Attack' and comes as the Met Police reveals assaults on officers have risen by 37% in the past three months.

Met Police bosses believe the rise has been fuelled by scuffles during protests and operations to shut down unlicensed music events, as well as coughing and spitting attacks linked to Covid-19.

Data shows that in the 12 months from August 2019, 6,668 officers were attacked – a 16% rise on the previous year – 42% of whom were injured.

The Met has also seen a rise in the monthly number of assaults. Between June 2019 and April 2020, the average per month was 510, but there were 676 in May this, 717 in June and 634 in July.

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