Man knocked unconscious at London railway station during row over face masks

A man punching William, not his real name, at Clapham Junction station. William required hospital treatment for a severe laceration and stitches for a head wound.
Man punching 'William', not his real name, at Clapham Junction station Credit: PA

A man was knocked out during an argument over face masks at a London railway station.

Police are investigating after William, not his real name, was punched by a fellow passenger at Clapham Junction station and required hospital treatment for a severe cut and stitches for a head injury.

Along with a friend, William had been arguing with South Western Railway staff by the ticket barrier because one member was not wearing a mask.

Footage taken by the friend shows a man in a grey hoodie pushing a pram past the heated exchange, he had a child with him and was also not wearing a mask.

William is heard saying “you’re not wearing one either”, which he said was not directed at the man.

In response, the man turns around and walks away from his pram shouting “don’t ******* start on me” and punches William, knocking him to the floor unconscious.

The man quickly leaves the area with his pram and child, while William is seen bleeding on the ground.

A member of rail staff is heard saying: “I told you both to go didn’t I?”

Man walking away from the scene with 'William' on the floor Credit: PA

In the footage, staff did not pursue the man but could be heard saying they have called emergency services.

South Western Railway said the member of staff who was not wearing a mask had a medical exemption.

It said the assault was an altercation between members of the public and staff had assisted with first aid and alerted the police.

British Transport Police has been contacted for comment.