Cosmetic surgeon inundated with image conscious video callers who don't like the way they look on camera

A cosmetic surgeon has been "inundated" with self-conscious video callers wanting to change the way they look on camera.

Lucy Glancey operates clinics in London and Essex and said she was getting several enquiries each day.

We get daily enquiries, two or three patients at least, some days more. My message to everybody is please don’t focus on your image on video calling - you always look better in real life!

Dr Lucy Glancey, Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Glancey Clinics

Personal trainer Mike Williams said it was important for him to "look good and feel good" and is considering treatment for something he became aware of during video calls.

When you are on a Zoom call you see things you don’t necessarily like. I’ve always been a little bit self conscious of my hairline. It’s definitely become something that I’m aware of and like to get sorted. It’s certainly something that’s been brought to the forefront of my mind.

Mike Williams, Personal Trainer

Mike is part of a networking group for local businesses and other members have had similar experiences, such as... 

“Zoom seems to highlight all your worst bits!”

“Everything is in this box, so all the focus is on your face.”

“It’s the longest you spend looking at yourself, full stop.”

For some, insecurities may all be in the mind which means trying to change emotionally instead of physically.

If you’re putting energy into focussing on your flaws they will grow. But if you put energy into focussing on your strengths they will grow.

Kanika Tandon, Life Coach

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