London street given eye-catching makeover using 200 spray cans to help boost business during lockdown

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A street in east London has been given an eye-catching makeover to help boost business during lockdown.

Aberfeldy Street was transformed by The London Mural Company into a colourful, vibrant corner of the East End. The work took over 600 litres of paint and 200 spray cans to complete.

People working there hope it will stop the area becoming an economic casualty of the pandemic.

As new businesses come in that brings extra people and increases footfall and benefits all the people in this area.

Abdul Salam Sheikh, shop owner

The patterns were designed by people living nearby and inspired by a Bangladeshi tradition of recycling old textiles to create something new.

Aberfeldy Street sits in the heart of a regeneration area and that regeneration is a partnership between EcoWorld London and Poplar HARCA. And we wanted to with the community to try and improve the local area. The hope is we build on the goodwill of this local initiative and instil that sense that Aberfeldy is a place where people are proud to live.

Matt Townend, EcoWorld London

People are already posting pictures of the mural online but businesses hope the colourful street is a topic of conversation inside their shops as well.

Since Covid we have redefined the High Street. It's more of a place for people to meet, have a coffee and see each other. We need that even more since lockdown.

Mikey Weinkove, Head of the People Speak

The patterns celebrate the area's diverse community along with people from the past who have helped shape history.

We have a mural of Tommy Flowers who was a Post Office engineer. But during World War II went to work at Bletchley and developed essentially the world's first computer in the form of Colossus. He grew up on Albert Road nearby and we felt it was important to celebrate local heroes.

It's important we don't abandon the High Street to shop online. These are the hubs of community they are places people can meet, talk and have interaction with neighbours. For many people in the area that is so important.

Blossom Young, Poplar HARCA

The community will know what difference the colourful shops have made in the days and months ahead but it's hoped they will attract new business and keep the area thriving.