Teacher walking entire Tube route to raise money for Beirut

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A teacher is walking the entire route of London Underground to raise money for those affected by the disaster in Beirut.

Harry Sargeant originally planned to just follow the path of the Central Line but included every Tube line to raise more cash for The British Red Cross Society.

Harry, 24, is keeping a photo diary of his epic challenge by taking a picture in front of every station along the line.

On 4th August, an enormous explosion obliterated the port of Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon. The British Red Cross is working closely with the Lebanese Red Cross who have been responding to the crisis. The immediate focus is on saving lives.

Harry Sargeant, writing on JustGiving
Credit: Harry Sargeant/JustGiving

Harry set himself some rules to follow during the challenge, including:

  • Take a picture in front of every station along the line

  • If the line splits, only doing the main branch

  • If a long stretch of a line runs alongside to a line already covered, the section can be skipped

I was really shocked at what I saw on the television [in Beirut]. Horrific injuries and 300,000 people homeless in an instant I really wanted to do something to help those people. I thought I should raise some money.

Harry Sargeant

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