Angelina Jolie donates to six-year-olds raising money for Yemen by making lemonade

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Two best friends, who have made tens of thousands for war-torn Yemen by making lemonade, received a fund-raising boost with a donation from Hollywood star Angelina Jolie. Ayaan Moosa and Mikaeel Ishaaq, from Ilford, created their lemonade for Yemen-aid stall in the summer after being moved by the plight of millions of children like them suffering in another part of the world.

The six-year-olds have since raised £71,000. After reading about their efforts, the Tomb Raider actor sent the boys a note saying that she while she was not able to buy any lemonade, she wanted to donate to their cause. The boys have recorded a message of thanks to the actor in which they invite Ms Jolie to "feel free to buy a fresh glass of lemonade," when she is next in London.

Ayaan Moosa and Mikaeel Ishaaq.

Ayaan told ITV News London that it was "amazing" to receive a letter from a Hollywood superstar.Ayaan's dad Shakil Moosa said he was "so proud" of the boys efforts.

"I have to remind myself often that these guys are six-years-old, they're kids and they just want to wrestle and mess about at the best of times.

"It's such an achievement when they're raising this kind of money and getting the recognition of an international superstar, it's phenomenal."

Angelina Jolie donated to the boy's lemonade to Yemen aid. Credit: PA

Back in August, Ayaan told ITV News they were inspired to raise money for Yemen after they saw pictures of people suffering.

"They have no food, they have to drink dirty water, they've got really skinny arms and it made me really sad," Ayaan he said.Their original aim was to raise £400 - and they had already gone well beyond that with the help of their community even more Ms Jolie's donation.

The actor's donation of an undisclosed sum may take them closer to their revised target of £100,000. "They really want to help and make a difference," mum Adeela Moosa said.

And their ambition does not stop there.

The boys next fundraising mission, Ayaan tells ITV News London, is to 'lemonade for Lebanon'.