Reading-based actor-turned-shop-worker's 'stagey' supermarket musicals go viral

Hannah Lowther has documented a 'stagey gals life at Tesco' with a series of TikTok videos that have gone viral. Credit: TikTok/hannahlowther8

Forced to swap treading the boards for a job at the local supermarket amid the coronavirus pandemic, a 22-year-old musical theatre performer has made the shop floor her stage. Her performances are usually seen on the West End stage, but since starting her job at the local supermarket in March after lockdown forced the closure of theatres, Hannah Lowther has documented a 'stagey gals life at Tesco' with a series of TikTok videos that have since gone viral.

Her recent 'Tesco the Musical' video has been viewed more than 1.8 million times, and even been shared by celebs online.

A graduate of London School of Musical Theatre graduate, the self-styled "actress/singer/prancer" has given Dolly Parton's hit, 9-5 and the Sound of Music' Do-Re-Mi a supermarket makeover, with lyrics such as "I jump on the tills and my heart starts thumping" and "me, I love to stack the shelves". "I was missing the creativity that I got from theatre, so I started making some musical theatre themed TikTok. And one of them now is at 1.8 million views, which his kind of mad," she told ITV News London.

"My bosses and colleagues have all been so greats. I think it's quite nice of them to have someone just come in and sort of shake it up, and do things they're not used to seeing in a Tesco Express."

Rylan Clark-Neal, presenter of ITV2's Supermarket Sweep, retweeted her latest video, with a comment: "me at work".

"It was all very exciting," Hannah tells ITV News London.

"ITV's very own Rylan, from Supermarket Sweep, he hosted the video on his Twitter so quite a few people have seen that. He's got like a million followers, or something like that. So that was pretty mad." While she's missing her life on the West End, Hannah says making the videos has helped her to stay positive while she waits for theatres to reopen properly.

She also hopes her videos will cheer other people up who have had to put their careers on hold.

"I think, just don't doubt your talent and don't doubt you can be good at so many different things, and once you've got that training it's in your body. And no matter, what you do inbetween, you're always going to have that burning little thing inside you. Just keep going.

"We've got this."