London's loneliest cat, Monique, has found a forever home

In March, we featured Monique the cat on ITV London because she hadn't been able to find a forever home.

The senior feline had been waiting 125 days at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home when staff posted photos of her birthday party for one.

The post went viral and our reporter Chloe Keedy went to meet the famous Monique, coined London's loneliest cat.

Lonely cat Monique spends her birthday alone (and needs a new home)

Poster for lonely cat Monique

Staff believed Monique was having trouble being re-homed because she's an FIV cat, or has feline immunodeficiency virus.

Six months later and Monique is happily settled into her forever home. Luckily, Adnan saw our coverage of her lonely birthday party and immediately applied to rehome her.

Monique has settled into her forever home Credit: Twitter / Battersea Cats & Dogs Home

Monique looks very settled into her new life.

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