Capital curfew: Mayor backs new bar and restaurant restrictions to stop Covid spread

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Londoners should routinely wear masks, work from home and avoid unnecessary journeys, according to mayor Sadiq Khan.

The mayor also backed restricted opening times for the capital's bars and restaurants.His call for 'London-specific measures' was agreed at a meeting with borough leaders, police chiefs and officials.

Mr Khan is urging the government to introduce changes in London as soon as possible to stop the spread of Covid-19.

London mayor Sadiq Khan seen during a visit to the West End Credit: PA

He is expected to press for the additional measures when he talks to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

"I have just met with local council leaders from all parties and public health experts to agree a new London plan to slow the spread of the virus and save Londoners lives," said Mr Khan on Monday.

"This includes some new restrictions. We will collectively be asking the Government to implement this plan as soon as possible and I will be discussing it with the Prime Minister tomorrow morning," he added.