12 members of criminal network jailed for high value burglaries

The Met worked with the Romanian National Police and Italian Carabinieri to catch the criminals Credit: Metropolitan police

12 men have been sentenced over the past two days at Kingston Crown Court for their part in the commission of burglaries at commercial premises, usually warehouses or freight depots, nationwide.

During one of the burglaries a large quantity of valuable, rare books of international culturalsignificance were stolen. In other burglaries they stole quantities of small but high valued items, such as smartphones, laptops and tablet computers. The burglaries were well planned and the defendants often entered properties via the roof and used ropes and ladders to assist them, in order to avoid activating the buildings’ security systems.

The group, who were all Romanian nationals, committed offences at several locations across the UK including Feltham and Enfield. The group would fly members into the UK to commit specific offences, then fly them out of the country shortly afterwards, with the stolen property being taken out of the country by other members using different transport methods.

All 12 men were charged with one count of conspiracy to commit burglary and one count of conspiracy to conceal covert, disguise, transfer and remove criminal property, between the 1st December 2016 and the 15th April 2019.