Family of Belly Mujinga who was allegedly spat at by man claiming to have Covid ‘should be allowed’ to pursue inquest

Belly Mujinga

The family of Belly Mujinga, who was allegedly spat at by a man who claimed to have Covid-19, should be allowed to pursue an inquest into her death, it has been claimed.

Mrs Mujinga, 47, died with coronavirus in April, around two weeks after allegedly being spat at in London’s Victoria station, leaving a widower and an 11-year-old daughter.

British Transport Police interviewed a 57-year-old man over the incident but said there was not enough evidence a crime had taken place, following a review of statements from key witnesses, including colleagues, and CCTV footage.

Detectives found there was insufficient evidence of spitting or another action that could lead to infection and concluded Mrs Mujinga’s death did not occur because of that incident.

Belly Mujinga

There has been no inquest into her death, but a lawyer speaking to BBC Panorama said the family ought to be allowed to push for justice.

Barrister Christopher Williams told the programme: “If the family of Belly want to pursue an inquest, then that is a way of getting justice.

“It may be that the outcome of the inquest won’t give them the result that they seek, but the important thing is that they have the opportunity to go through the process.”