Sadiq Khan says London does not get special treatment and calls for unity with North

Sadiq Khan wants to end the "bickering" Credit: PA

London does not getting special treatment compared to other parts of the UK, according to the capital's Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Mr Khan wants unity between mayors across the country in order to demand more autonomy from national government instead of “bickering”.

Speaking to a conference organised by the Centre For London think tank, Mr Khan said ministers had been undermining and scapegoating the capital to gain support in other parts of the country.

Mr Khan also accused other regions of treating the capital unfairly.

His comments came after some northern leaders accused the Government of treating them differently from London when the regional three-tier Covid system was introduced, before Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided on a national lockdown for England.

Khan wants to join forces with the likes of Greater Manchester's Andy Burnham. Credit: PA

Mr Khan said: “Sometimes other parts of the country point the finger at London, but this unhappiness is misdirected.

“Too often it’s not London but Whitehall and Westminster that’s the source of unhappiness.

“Of course, I see how some decisions by this Government can look London-centric, and annoy colleagues in the North.

“But when cities and regions bicker, we fall into the Government’s trap, because it’s in their interest that we are pitted against one another.

“Fighting a zero-sum game over money means they can retain control at a national level.

“And it deflects from the actual problems we should be focusing on.

“So, instead of succumbing to the Government’s divide-and-rule tactics, we need to rally together.

“From my position as Mayor of London it certainty doesn’t feel like London is getting special treatment from this Government – quite the opposite.

“So, unless we resist the temptation to turn on each other, and instead stick together and stand up for the funding and the powers that all mayors need, we will allow the Government to dictate the terms.”

Mr Khan said ministers have launched attacks on London.

“We have a Government that seems happy to undermine our capital city, and that attacks us to shore up their vote in other parts of the country,” he said.

“It feels like London has too often become the scapegoat for many of Britain’s problems.”