Foxes killed after being shot with a crossbow in Greenwich

Credit: Met Police

Two foxes were killed and a third reported injured after being shot with a crossbow in Greenwich.

The creatures were attacked in the Parkgate area of south east London and one was found by a passer-by with a bolt sticking out its back.

The Fox Project charity tried to save the animal but it was too badly injured. Another fox had previously been found dead in the same area. A third was also seen nearby with an arrow sticking out of its body.

It’s absolutely shocking that two animals have died in such awful circumstances. It is obvious that whoever did this did so deliberately and it is disturbing to think that someone would intend to injure and kill a wild animal. It is against the law to kill or take any wild animals using a bow or crossbow.

Conchi Gago, Met Police Wildlife Crime Unit

The Fox Project is offering a £2,000 reward for information that leads to the conviction of whoever is responsible.

Every year we treat more than 1,000 foxes at our specialist rescue centre but this is a truly shocking case. “It’s hard to understand that there is a small minority of people in society who are capable of such extreme cruelty to animals.

Trevor Williams, The Fox Project