Met police to recruit 40% of officers from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds

The Metropolitan police have announced a new push to recruit a more diverse range of officers Credit: Credit: PA

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick has admitted the force is not free from racism and that she is very sorry trust among black communities is so low.

To try and reduce the amount of discrimination and bias in the force, several measures have been announced to try and increase the amount of officers from an ethnically diverse background. The police's key aim is for 40% of new recruits to be from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds from 2022.

Currently the Metropolitan police is made up of 5,000 black, Asian and minority ethnic officers which works out at about 15% of the force , that's the highest number of any constabulary in the UK, however - that number is not representative of London's population as the capital is 40% BME.

Other measures include:

  • A re-implementation of the London residency requirement for most entry routes to join us as a police officer.

  • Teaching the importance of "cultural awareness" during stop and search training, including "scenario-based role play".

  • Access to body-worn video footage made available by community monitoring groups.

  • Increased outreach recruitment work with additional Youth Engagement Officers who will work with London schools, to encourage more young black people to join us.

Dame Cressida Dick acknowledged the impact that the death of African-American man George Floyd had on the black community here in the UK but asserted that UK policing is entirely different.

Demonstrators protesting against police brutality and racism in the USA Credit: Credit: PA

Met Police chief Cressida Dick: London's officers are not targeting young black men