Fashion designer Zandra Rhodes reveals cancer diagnosis and journey back to health

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Zandra Rhodes has spoken exclusively to ITV News London about being diagnosed with cancer during lockdown.

The fashion designer, who has dressed some of the world's biggest celebrities, was given the devastating news just before turning 80.

"A close friend came to visit and was going to do a restorative yoga class. He asked us to take deep breaths... and I realised my stomach felt like it's full," Rhodes told ITV News London.

"I phoned my doctor - he said yes it does feel like it's full, he organised x-rays and that's when they discovered that I had a tumour," she added.

Born in Kent her career has spanned more than 50 years, counting the likes of Diana, Princess of Wales among the famous names she worked with.

"When I got the diagnosis it somehow made me pull myself together. If I've got limited time I've got to make sure my will is done, and finish organising my foundation and get my museum together," Rhodes said.

She said no one should ignore their health during the Covid pandemic and anyone not feeling well should put on a mask and go see their doctor. "You don't want things to get worse," she said.

Zandra's doctor said cancer affects so many people and should be seen as a form of pandemic.

"It affects one in two people, so people should get help when they feel help is required," said Dr Khurum Khan.

Zandra's cancer is now in remission and her treatment continues.