Meerkats at London Zoo post their Christmas wish lists to Santa

Meerkats at London Zoo posted their Christmas wish lists after keepers installed a miniature postbox with their favourite crickets hidden inside.

Preparations are under way for the zoo to reopen on Wednesday, after a month-long closure.

Zookeeper Luke Taylor said: “All the meerkats want for Christmas is for people to visit the zoo this December – because booking a ticket will support the expert care of our 20,000 animals during this difficult time, and ZSL’s global science and conservation work.

“Being closed for a combined total of 15 weeks so far this year means we’ve lost out on millions of pounds raised by vital ticket sales, which funds our work: by celebrating Christmas at London Zoo people can enjoy a safe and fun day out while supporting ZSL’s work.”

Both the Zoological Society’s London and Whipsnade zoos were forced to close on November 4 as part of the nationwide lockdown.

The tourist attractions are reliant on ticket sales to care for the animals and fund global conservation efforts and the second closure has increased pressure on the charity zoos.

Vets and zookeepers have continued to care for the animals by working through the lockdown.

The public is encouraged to support the zoos by booking a ticket, joining as a member, or donating to ZSL at

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