Could London cabbies help roll out the Covid-19 vaccine?

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London's black cab drivers say the government should be turning to them to help roll out the Covid vaccine. The capital's 14,000 taxis are virtually empty and drivers say they could be used to take patients and doctors to vaccine hubs and ease pressure on the NHS.

"We are wheelchair accessible, we've got glass partitions and two metres apart from passengers and we feel we're not being utilised," said black cab driver Dale Forwood.

"We would do it at a fixed hourly rate, we wouldn't use our meter," she added.

Conservative MP Charles Walker asked the Prime Minister back in March for the NHS to use black cabs and believes the government should listen to offers of help.

"What we need is to make this vaccination drive happen and that will require not just the government or the NHS. But a far wider pool of support," said Charles Walker.