Covid vaccines: Ethnic minority communities fighting back with facts over myths and misinformation

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Misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccine is leading to fears that communities in London worse hit by the virus could be more likely to be hesitant towards vaccination.

Figures obtained exclusively by ITV News London showed only 56% of British Indians in a survey of 2,000 said they would get a coronavirus jab.

At Neasden Temple the Hindu community is working hard to combat the Covid conspiracies.

"The Temple has been very proactive in terms of preparing presentations both in terms of English and their everyday language that they understand which they understand which is Gujarati in the safety of the vaccine. And also debunking the myths," said volunteer, Seema Patel.

A think tank said the community was not 'anti-vax' and just needed more information.

"The community are by no means strong anti-vaxxers or anything like that. But rather they are just unaware, afraid, they feel like they need more information and we need concerted public health campaigns," said Dr Nikita Ved of the 1928 Institute.

Whether the vaccine is safe is not a question exclusively asked by ethnic minority communities. But we do know these communities are more likely to suffer with severe illness or even death.

"We are working very closely with local community leaders, with religious leaders, working with them to provide better information and a better understanding of what the issues are for these communities," said Dr Martin Marshall, Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners.Many say the question of public health messaging reaching ethnic minority communities is a long-standing problem with no quick fix.

Dr Farzana Hussain, co-chair of the NHS Confederation's national Primary Care Network and a GP in Newham responsible for 67,000 patients - And Yvonne Field, founder of The Ubele Initiative who is working to combat misinformation in the black community, spoke to Lucrezia Millarini about the challenges ahead.