Stay-at-home chic: Tracksuit sales soar as Londoners dress down at home

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Spending more time at home means more of us are spending time in leisurewear and not just for exercise. Sales of tracksuits have soared by as much as 200% percent as more of us adopt the lockdown look.

"We all need loose waistbands, no underwires, no tailoring. It's all about comfort," said model Daisy Lowe.

"Before the pandemic I loved wearing a tracksuit but it almost felt like a bit of a taboo whereas now it's very socially acceptable," she added.

At the top end a tailored tracksuit can cost over £10,000.

"The customer wants to feel like they are wearing their pyjamas but if they have to go to the supermarket they don't feel embarrassed to go," said tailor Fedro Gaudenzi.

However some etiquette experts warn the desire to dress down can go too far.

"There is a time and a place for more casual wear," said etiquette expert William Hansen.

"When you are working from home and on a video conference that really isn't the time for it. The people you are meeting with do deserve a little bit more respect than what is one up from pyjamas," he added.