'It makes me want to cry': Father of HS2 protesters burrowed in Euston tunnels speaks of fear for his children’s lives

The father of two environmental protesters burrowed in tunnels near Euston Station has spoken of his fear for his children’s lives. 

Roc Sandford, who lives on the remote Scottish Hebrides islands, told ITV News he did not know his son and daughter were planning the stunt. 

Activists Blue 18, and Lazer, 20, have spent nine days buried in tunnels just yards from the train station with other protesters. The tunnels were secretly built by the environmental group HS2 Rebellion. 

Lazer seen in one of the underground tunnels at Euston Credit: HS2 Rebellion

Bailiffs moved in overnight to remove the group, with growing concerns over their safety. Specialist teams are in a race against time to evict the eco warriors, with bad weather causing soil collapses in the tunnels. 

But Mr Sandford’s son Lazer has locked himself onto a concrete block, which baliffs are struggling to remove using drilling equipment.  

Despite the risks, Mr Sandford, who is also a member of controversial protest group Extinction Rebellion, said he’s “right behind them”. 

In an interview with ITV News, he said: “It makes me want to cry what they have to do, but they don’t have an option. The Government is not doing what it has to do. 

“It’s not facing the fact that emissions have to fall really fast, so it’s falling on the shoulders of that generation and it shouldn’t. We should be clearing up the mess not them."

He added: “They don’t usually tell me what they’re doing. I’ve gone through a terrible, terrible week because I’ve been facing the fact I might lose them and that they might never come out and that’s an appalling thing to go through as a parent.” 

Enforcement officers at the HS2 Rebellion encampment

Dr Larch Maxey, who is among the group of activists who have spent more than a week beneath Euston Square Gardens, said bailiffs had begun “drilling” to remove another environmental campaigner from a “lock-on” at the bottom of a down shaft. 

A bailiff could be heard informing demonstrator Lazer that they would attempt to get him out of the device by digging around it. 

Dr Maxey described the lock on as a metal “arm tube” that was buried in concrete in the ground. 

HS2 Ltd has said it has “legal possession” of the land and repeatedly urged protesters to leave “for their own safety” before they are removed by High Court enforcement officers. 

A spokesman said: “After 72 hours Dr Maxey still hasn’t complied with the court judgment ordering him to provide information on the tunnels and occupants and, crucially, to exit the tunnel. 

“HS2 continues to do all we can to end this illegal action quickly and safely.”