Dog-owner convicted after refusing treatment for pet's fractured leg

Credit: RSPCA

A dog-owner who refused treatment for his pet's fractured leg after accidentally treading on him has been convicted of causing unnecessary suffering.

A warrant was issued for the arrest of Saied Arab from Harmondsworth after he failed to show up at Willesden Magistrates’ Court.

Police reported Arab to the RSPCA after they spotted the French bulldog, called King, had a broken leg.

The dog was taken to a vet who recommended an x-ray and being checked by another vet but the owner declined to pay.

"King walked with an obvious lameness. When standing, he raised his leg off the floor as if to keep his weight off of it, even though he was already receiving pain medication," said RSPCA Inspector Callum Isitt.

"The vet who had originally seen King said his owner had explained that he’d accidentally trod on him or kicked him and he’d fallen down the stairs. She said there was swelling to the dog’s foot and that he yelped when she touched it," he added.

Magistrates heard the case in Arab's absence and found him guilty.

RSPCA worker Lisa Stokes and her sister, Joanne, have been caring for King - now named Marcel.

"Marcel loves to snooze with his Staffy brother, Ben, and go for long walks in the countryside," said Lisa.

"He was struggling to breathe and was unable to play so he recently had surgery to help with his breathing and he’s now fully recovered and doing really well. He’s very active and can now play and run," she added.