Two rabbits dumped out of car boot and abandoned by the roadside in Hertfordshire

Rescued rabbit 'Arid' Credit: RSPCA

Two rabbits dumped out of a car boot and abandoned by the roadside in Hertfordshire are getting some much-needed care from the RSPCA.

The charity was alerted by a passer-by in Cheshunt who saw a woman get out a car, open the boot and take out the rabbits. She drove off after placing the animals on the ground.

A member of the public tried to catch the loose animals but they were scared and kept running off.

Rescued rabbit 'Alpine' Credit: RSCPA

"Both the rabbits are healthy and friendly so they have clearly been someone’s pet. They were quite distressed when I collected them having been dumped out in the cold by the side of the road," said Animal Rescue Officer Peter Warne.

"We know people’s circumstances can change which may mean they can no longer look after their pets but there is never an excuse to abandon an animal like this. We would urge anyone who is struggling to please reach out for help from friends or family, or charities like ourselves," he added.

The white rabbit has been named Alpine and the grey and white rabbit is called Arid. If no owner comes forward for them then they will be re-homed.

For more information about how the RSPCA re-homes animals, click here.