Why Woking is a Covid surge testing target for the second time in a month

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A Surrey town is to be the target of surge testing for the second time in a month after another case of the Covid South African variant was discovered.

Around 2,500 households in Woking’s GU22 postcode will begin receiving PCR test kits from tomorrow.

Surrey County Council urged residents in the affected suburb of Maybury to ‘remain calm’.

The commuter town was one of the first areas in southern England to be the focus of efforts to suppress the new variant.

It followed the discovery of two cases in the same household in Woking’s GU21 postcode.

Health officials believe the emergence of a third case in the neighbouring postcode is a coincidence and unconnected.

Surrey’s Director of Public Health, Ruth Hutchinson, said: “This method of surge testing is vital in helping us understand any spread of the South African variant in the community.

“By playing your part and taking the test, you’ll be helping to keep your community and your loved ones safe. Our previous two surge testing operations have gone smoothly, with residents keen to do anything they can to help.

“It’s really important to say that there is currently no evidence that this variant causes more severe illness, so residents shouldn’t worry.”