HS2 Euston protest tunnel ringleader, Larch Maxey, evicted after nearly a month underground

Video from HS2 Rebellion

The ringleader of the HS2 tunnel protest at Euston has been evicted after spending nearly a month underground.

Geography lecturer Larch Maxey, 48, had his belongings confiscated by bailiffs and said in a video he “feels fine”, but that medics have persuaded him to go to hospital to “be on the safe side”.

He was part of a group below Euston Square Gardens protesting over the impact of the planned high speed railway.

"I feel really healthy, I feel fine," said Mr Maxey after emerging from the tunnel. "I was really active down there for the four weeks, moving around - lots of physical exercise," he added.

Enforcement officers seen in Euston earlier this month

The activist, from group HS2 Rebellion, is likely to face criminal charges “for aggravated trespass or other related offences” as well as penalties for breaching a High Court order issued on February 2, said an HS2 spokesman.

Breaching the order is punishable by a fine, up to two years in prison, or both, the spokesman added.

An injunction was won last Friday against activists who dug the 100ft network of tunnels near the London railway station, which were discovered on January 26.

Last week the son of veteran campaigner Dan Hooper, better known as Swampy, became the fourth person to leave. Several protestors are understood to remain underground.

"The safety of those trespassing and that of the HS2 staff and emergency service personnel in this operation is of paramount importance. We continue to do all we can to end this illegal action safely, and we reiterate our message to those who remain underground to comply with their court orders and exit the tunnel immediately - for their own safety and that of the HS2 staff, agents and emergency service personnel involved in this operation," an HS2 statement added.