'We can't wait to get back!' London's Theatreland welcomes plan to exit lockdown

'We can't wait to get back!', tap above to watch Martin Stew's interview with Nimax Theatres Chief Executive Nica Burns and performer Sam Tutty

The boss of some of the West End's biggest theatres has welcomed the government's plan to exit lockdown, and said "we can't wait to get back!"

Nica Burns told ITV News London it was a huge relief to have a roadmap for an industry brought to a standstill by the pandemic.

She said there would be challenges in the months ahead but was confident they would be overcome.

There has been no government announcement on the need for so-called vaccine passports, but Nica Burns said she was "comfortable about making things work."

"When we reopened [after previous lockdown] people had so sign a form online to say they had not come into contact with Covid," Nica said.

"We would have a system working with the government. We are very confident we can make that work and for those that can't be vaccinated we're happy to do rapid testing," she added.

During lockdown performers had to find other jobs to stay financially afloat. West End star Sam Tully said he was confident many of his colleagues would return.

"A lot of my friends have had to get other jobs. I hope that's a temporary thing to sustain them over this dreadful time," Sam said.

"They're beautiful people and it would be great [to see them return]," he added.