Kitten dies after being poisoned by toxic lilies in Croydon

Credit: RSPCA

The RSPCA is warning cat owners of the dangers of toxic lilies after a kitten died in Croydon.

The animal charity was contacted by cat owner Mya Sweeney last month after her nine-month-old cat became unwell.

Mya said she was given flowers, including roses and lilies as a gift, and had no idea that they could be toxic to cats

"I don’t know whether Jasper brushed up against them or perhaps ate some of the lilies’ pollen but he started to go off his food for a couple of days," said Mya.

"Jasper has always been a bit of a fussy eater so I wasn't too worried but by the third day he started to become poorly. I took him to the vets and they did some blood tests and the vet confirmed that he was suffering from lily poisoning," she added.

The RSPCA said lilies and other common household items including alcohol, antifreeze, and aspirin were toxic to pets.

"Lilies are highly toxic to cats and ingestion of any part of the plant or flower can be fatal. Lilies and other toxic plants should always be kept well away from cats or dogs and owners should call their vet immediately if they are concerned that their pet has ingested any plant or flower," said RSPCA Croydon branch manager, Jacqui Jackson.

Signs that your pet could have been poisoned can include:

  • Depression

  • Lack of appetite

  • Vomiting and diarrhea

  • Breathing difficulties and bad breath

  • Twitching

  • Seizures

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