'Mold - it's everywhere!' Croydon resident reveals more appalling living conditions

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A Croydon resident has shown ITV News more appalling living conditions including mold so bad she had to replace some of the furniture.

Yasmine Hamilton has lived in temporary accommodation in South London for five years with her two children. Even though Croydon Council cleared some of the mold away her flat is still covered.

"The mold is all over the wall. Near the window it's everywhere. It's gone all over their [children's] clothes. There's water on the floor. I recently had to buy them new beds because it went all over the wood and mattresses," said Yasmine.

Earlier this week, ITV News exposed what has been described as the worst housing conditions in the country at Regina Road in Croydon.

Residents there said the council repeatedly ignored their requests for help, and Yasmine agrees.

"I call up and tell them [Croydon Council] and they just say 'it's your problem, you've got to deal with it'. What have I done that caused it?" she said.

Mold on the curtains in Jasmine's flat

There were questions this week for the council from a Government committee. Croydon Council is bankrupt which is why it was appearing before the committee but when questioned about ITV's investigation the leader said a lack of money was not to blame.

"My worry is that there is a bigger, systemic issue at play here and that is what we are working very hard to address both in terms of the experience of the residents and the four flats in particular on Regina Road," said Councillor Hamida Ali, leader of Croydon Council.

"But more broadly what does that mean for the rest of our residents and what does that mean for how we are responding?

"Our residents didn't feel they were heard despite contacting the council repeatedly from their point of view. This is very concerning to us and something we want to address as soon as possible," she added.

Clive Betts is Chair of the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee and said the case drew parallels with Grenfell.

"I think we can all hear from the Grenfell residents how they reported problems over and over again and weren't listened to. And it is really disappointing therefore that four years on similar sorts of processes still seem to be in play," Mr Betts said.

There are already serious questions about how Croydon Council is run. It was £66m over budget this year and has been accused of a series of poor financial decisions.