Canning Town: Protester scales crane to hang Black Lives Matter banner

Credit: Twitter/viiviictoria/Vivi G. Victoria

A protester has hung a Black Lives Matter banner above east London after scaling a crane. Video footage shared on social media showed a man stood on the main arm of the crane over Canning Town.

Police said they were at the scene in Hallsville Road and were "monitoring the situation."

The protest comes on the same day a study was published by the Commission on Race and Ethnic disparities.

The report found Britain was not institutionally racist although there was evidence that “overt” prejudice exists.

Tony Sewell, who is chairman of the Commission on Race and Ethnic disparities, said while there was anecdotal evidence of racism, he denied there was any proof that it was structural, saying there was data to show some ethnic minorities were doing well in the jobs market and in education.