'Newham - great place except for the murders!' Critics slam Crossrail mural over crime quote to describe North Woolwich

Credit: Twitter/@StopCityAirport

Angry residents have criticised a mural lining the Crossrail route in east London after a poetry quote said it was a nice place to live apart from 'the crime and murders'.

The two-kilometre long artwork, called Newham Trackside Wall, highlights what people think of the area with individual memories and events.

It was due to be officially unveiled in the summer after being created by local artist Sonia Boyce.

But the eye-catching work is already causing a stir, with one critic calling the reference to crime and murders a "shocking and derogatory quote".

The controversial part of the poem reads: "... The only negative thing is the crime and the murders, which has been increasing. This is unfortunate, but other than that everything else is fine."

Speaking to ITV News the council said the mural "does not reflect the borough."

"We want Newham to be a place where people live and work and visit. We do not want to give the impression that is is unsafe to do so," Newham Council added.

London's Transport Commissioner, Andy Byford, said he asked the Crossrail team to "take a look" at the mural and he was "aware of the issue."

ITV News understands the offending part of the mural will be covered up while Crossrail bosses deide what to do next after talking to the artist and local community.