Enfield woman calls for dog-on-dog attacks to be made illegal after family collie mauled to death

Video report by ITV News London reporter Antoine Allen

An Enfield woman whose beloved border collie was brutally attacked by another dogs, says she is determined to change the law. Emma Gambrill watched in horror as her dog Blue was set upon by two Cane Corso dogs who had escaped from a garden.

Blue suffered three puncture wounds and bleeding into his abdomen. He was left unable to stand or walk and later died from his injuries. 

Emma with Blue. Credit: ITV News London

To add to Emma's distress, the dogs was deemed "not dangerous" and no criminal action was taken against their owners because dog-on-dog attacks are not an offence. In the wake of Blue's death, Emma set up a petition calling for dog attacks on other dogs to be made a criminal offence.

More than 130,000 people have so far signed the petition which has the backing of her local MP, Feryal Clark. 

"My family have been left distraught and I am traumatised by the event. The law needs to change, making dog attacks a criminal offence and more robust actions enforced on owners," Emma says.

She tells ITV News London: "I think I just wanted recognition that the dogs were out of control.

"I wanted them to acknowledge that was a crime."

Antoine Allen has Emma's story.