Black Cabs get a deep clean with spray guns and detergent 'grenades'

Hundreds of black cabs have been parking up at the historic cab shelter in Russell Square for a deep clean.

A team of cleaning specialists have been sanitising the vehicles using electronic spray guns and non-toxic 'grenades' of hospital-grade detergent.

The operation aims to give London's cabbies and transport users the most hygienic possible start to the second phase of lockdown easing.

"A lot of people are still concerned about how they move around," said Steve McNamara of the Licensed Taxi Drivers' Association.

"They are very concerned about travelling on the Tube, they are concerned about buses - but we are here. The vehicle has got a partition, you've got your own separate air space and you're distanced from the driver and now you know not only is it clean, it's doubly clean," he added.

Figures showed transport usage surged across England as coronavirus restrictions were partially lifted.

Road journeys in London at 8am on Monday took an average of 42% longer compared with free-flow conditions, according to location technology firm TomTom. The figure is up from 32% at that time on April 6, the first working day of last week.