Covid: London lagging behind with vaccinations

Vaccinations in London are behind other parts of England. Credit: PA

Just 86.7% of over-50s living in the capital have received their first dose of the Covid vaccine, compared to 96.9% in other regions.

London has the lowest percentage of jabs in the country, with South-west England topping the list with almost 97% of the over-50s receiving a first dose in the region.

The figures, from NHS England, are for first doses of the vaccine up to April 11.

Around three-quarters of people in England aged 80 and over have had both doses of Covid-19 vaccine, according to NHS England figures.

An estimated 75.0% of people in this age group had received both jabs as of April 11, meaning they are fully vaccinated against coronavirus.

Some 51.9% of people aged 75 to 79 are estimated to have had both doses, along with 22.4% of people aged 70 to 74.